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What is a Readiness Questionnaire?
Why do I need to do a Readiness Survey?
Is it compulsory to do a Readiness Survey?
What is PIIA?
Do I have to do a Personal Information Impact Assessment (PIIA) to be POPIA compliant?
What is an accountable person?
What is Special Personal Information?
What is sensitive personal information?
What is access control?
How do you decide what volumes of information you process?
Why do I need to worry about GDPR?
What is segregation of duties?
What is the lawful processing of information?
How do you know if you need consent from clients and if it is mandatory?
When should you notify a data subject that you are collecting information and how do you known it complies with POPI?
What is confidentiality, integrity and availability of PI?
What is inherent risk?
What is residual risk?
What do critical indicators mean?
What does high risk mean?
What does low risk mean?
What does medium risk mean?
What is a control measure?
How do I register an Information Officer?
How I send out the TPN POPI Training video to my staff?
Why do I need to add my staff to the POPI Portal?
How do I add a Staff member to the POPI POrtal?
How do you explicitly define the purpose you use information for?
What is the Principle of Minimality?
What is a Specific and defined purpose?