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 Residential Leasepack

Residential Leasepack

Early Cancellation of a TPN Lease
Termination of a lease agreement - timeline for notifications
How do I open the PDF documents on my MAC?
How do I complete PDF Editable documents on my MAC or using Safari?
What is a Mandatory Disclosure form and why is it needed?
Deposit Payment Creating a Suspensive Condition
Short Term Consumables Definition
Multi-let Lease - Description of the Premises - Unit / Door / Room number
Fair Wear and Tear Definition
Duration Clause
Automatic Continuation of the Lease Clause
Notification of end of Initial Period Clause
House and Body Corporate Rules Clause
Monthly Rental Clause
Deposit Clause
Inspection Clause
Maintenance Clause
Reasonable Access Clause
General Obligations of the Tenant Clause
Application of the CPA Clause
Joint and Several Liability of the Tenant Clause
Right of Cancellation without Reason or Penalty Clause
Right of Cancellation by the Tenant before expiry of the Initial Period Clause
Termination of the Lease by The Landlord prior to the expiry of the Initial Period Clause
Landlord’s Hypothec Clause
Suretyship Clause
Tenants who are foreigners
Natural Person vs Juristic Person Lease - which one do I choose?
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