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 Tenant FAQ

Tenant FAQ

Early Cancellation of a TPN Lease
Who is responsible to pay the rates and taxes?
Can the landlord or Property Practitioner perform a credit check on me?
Am I entitled to know why my application was declined?
Should the lease agreement be verbal or written?
Should I co-sign the lease agreement with another tenant?
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Am I entitled to earn interest on my deposit?
Must I give the landlord or Property Practitioner access to inspect the property?
Must the landlord maintain the property and to what extent?
Can I withhold rent if the landlord does not maintain the property?
Can I use my deposit as the last month's rent?
Can the landlord or Property Practitioner cancel my lease and evict me if I do not pay rent?
Can the landlord cancel my lease if the property is sold?
Must I perform an incoming and outgoing inspection of the property?
When must my deposit be refunded?
What happens to the lease if the tenant or landlord dies?
Am I entitled to a free credit report?
What happens if my information on the Credit Bureau is incorrect?