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Retention Periods - Adverse Information
Does the National Credit Act Apply to Leases
Is the consumer's consent required to perform a credit check?
What are the legal requirements before loading a default?
How long does information display on a credit profile?
What is the maximum interest rate the landlord can charge the tenant (incidental credit)
Does the Consumer Protection Act apply to Leases
Does the tenant have a cooling off period?
Who does the Consumer Protection Act apply to?
Who does the Consumer Protection Act not apply to?
Can the tenant cancel the lease early?
The ordinary course of business in the consumer protection act and its impact on lease agreements
Must a tenant be provided with an Electrical Certificate of Compliance?
Who does the Rental Housing Act apply to
Must a lease agreement be in writing?
Does the landlord have to issue rental receipts?
Deposit (account, interest)
When must the deposit be refunded by?
Who must attend the inspection?
Is there a maximum percentage rent can be increased?
7 days grace period myth
A Landlord's Tacit Hypothec
Huur Gaat Voor Koop